Friday, July 23, 2004

"And goD saw the blog, that it was good: and goD divided the blog from the forums, discussion lists, mailing list, instant messaging etc."

Blogging is good, it unleashes wit, sacarsm, humor and emotional chaos remembered in a state of restlessness.
This post "isn't about writing book reviews" (phrase hijacked from Raw Notes). Just a few titles from my fragments of what I can remember or care to remember:
The year preceding the title, indicates the year I started reading the book..
1992- Final Exit (known to be banned) (read from cover to cover and was smug that I could get hold of a copy)
1996 - How we die  (clinical and physician's perspective, wont help you much if you think you are suicidal and looking for a quickie way)
2000 - Learning Legal Rules (Someone, pl kick me, I was actually enjoying this one!)
1998-2001 Red Herring, MIT Technology Review (staple diet)
2001 - Wrong Rooms (out of print, read the chinese translation)
2001 - From Alchemy to IPO: The Business of Biotechnology (it was so "IN" to read abt bio-whatever)
2001-2003: From Third World to First, The Singapore Story (..and many many other books about my hero. I won 2 bucks writing about him "The person I admire most". I submitted the 50 word article to "Student World" 1970 issue. I spent the entire $2 on a Wall's ice cream from Yaohan)
1993 - How not to get pregnant (Men: be surprised but dont be surprised!)
2003 - God's debris (an old man in a rockin chair sending a postal man into life's journey - by engaging him in a mind boggling discourse)
1995- Idoru - Parallet stories of Chia and Colin - trailing Rez star of a Lo/Rez pop band - Rez is marrying an Idoru, the cyber woman named Rei. I like the character - Colin - he is a cyber data miner, epitomising "there is elegence in chaos" - colin has uncanny skills on mining from disparate nodes of data
1996- Neuromancer - Gibson's first cyberishdegook novel. Got me hooked on his other works.
2002 - Mere Christianity - magnum opus by my all time favorite C.S Lewis. Read all his classic apologetics one christmas - while house and cat sitting. Great defense and logic. Wit from the engimatic man from Cambridge. Regularly meeting JRR Tolkein, his fellow "inkling" from the Inklings Club (Lewis's room in the college). Both Lewis and Tolkein bonded by their common interests in myth and legends.
2002- Screwtape Letters - Ingenious - another by Lewis! Letters from the well honed and senior demon "Uncle Screwtape"' to novice junior demon Woodworm. Uncle advises nephew on how to corrupt a converted christian.  Diabolical and refreshing.
2002-The problem of pain - Another Lewis classic. Better to read this before "A grief observed" to catch the paradox.
2002-A Grief Observed- Lewis wrote about his wife's death
2002-The Narnia Chronicles - something fairy taley fantansy after heavy doses of the apologetics.
1992- The picture of Dorian Gray - Oscar Wilde. "the love that dares not speak its name".
1998 -If Animals Could Talk - Funny book. First person (i mean first animal) narrative of the mysterious designs of life in the animal kingdom. Picked this up for 3 bucks, from a MTR busker in Hannover.
1994- Moonshadow (series, # 1- #12) - see "review" on Raw Notes
1989- The Prophet -  A Gilbran classic
1990- Either-Or: A Fragment of Life. Philo stuff. Kierkegaard. Dead. Great conversational piece if you ever want to intrique strange danish men in Copenhagen pubs.
1993 - The Zen and the Art of the Internet. See my post "Ten Years Ago"

1985 - The Man on the flying trapeze. James Thurber. Chockful of wit and great drawings. Borrowed from Queenstown Branch Lib?.
1989 - The Book of The Law, The Golden Dawn - Alister Crowley.  

Chinese books  (akan datang. I need time to post my "review" in chinese, my pinyin is pathetic)

1988 -男人的一半是女人
2003- 蓝宇
2004- 孽子
1985- 边城
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