Thursday, July 22, 2004

Dear Long John

Dear Long John *
You wrote "
Actually even for me, I still don't have a mental picture of what you are really like now.  Either time or HK* has tamed you.
And frankly speaking, I enjoy what you were at that time.  Ha :-)
John *"  

Yup, i was like a wild child. My motto was "do one thing daily that scares me".
I am still pretty much the same, less reckless but gutsy when least expected (and when expected of cos). But I have mellowed over the years and 4 years at K* has transformed me a great deal too, especially on dealing with seniority, superiors and the eccentrics (they are not mutually exclusive).
Someone * once said to me "To manage, first you must learn to be managed" - that advice  was a retort when he saw the slogan on my tee shirt "I am unmanageable". Next advice, from same person "Respond, not react".  The inalienable truth is, I am still pretty much unchanged "Carpe Diem" - except that my pleasures are less dangerous over the years.  
And I'll still do the funky chicken when I am 85 - hopefully not in funny farm.
Yours as always, Dancer On Your Grave 

* Any resemblance to reputable companies. world class organisations, famous people dead or half dead is strictly intentional.
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Blogger RatBoy said...

You mentioned in one of your recent post ("I love Deng Xiaoping" that you found my latest blog (Raw Notes) a "great way to keep a 'I read therefore I am' log".

If we are defined by what we read, then I'm curious as to what you read. Perhaps you friend John would have a better mental picture of the current you :)

July 23, 2004 at 1:19 AM  

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