Saturday, July 17, 2004

Kompasu 圆规

(Typhoon: tropical cyclone; foong kow (wind-ball))
Kompasu skirted  HK (Sai Kong) yesterday. Kompasu - my 4th severe troical cyclones, with signals up to no. 9, since I arrived in HK 2 years ago. We are allowed to leave our workplace when typhoon signal no. 8 is announced. I was specifically grateful for Kompasu cos I was having a head splitting hangover and dying to go home. I almost stepped on Siu Kiong (Hong Kongers call roaches Siu Kiong (Xiao Qiang) after a cockroach movie dubbed in cantonese) on the way to work. When you see roaches scurrying - you know the cyclone would successfully head this way. So I was 90% confident that 8 would be hoisted.
Many of us are rasied to believe that typhoons are always named after women. No longer true. West pacific typhoons are named from a list of contribution by members of a Typhoon Committe (Cambodia, China, DP Korea, HK, Lao, Macau, Mironesia, Philippines, RO Korea, Thailand, USA, Vietnam).
Kompasu, pronounced KOM-PA-SS, is a compass, a V-shaped device for describing circles or circular arcs. Next on the Japan's list -Tokage, a lizard. If the next cyclone name comes from China, it will be named Long Huang (Dragon Emperor).
Hagupit (signal no.1,3, 8) was hoised on 10/11 September 2002, my second week at work in HK. I was amused, at the same time excited and anxious about where to get my meals! (typical foodie singaporean). 
Dujian (3, 8, 9), a double eyed wall cyclone hit HK September 2003. The rarely issuance of signal No. 9 was activated on 2 Sept. We all left after lunch or during lunch. we were expecting the HKO to issue no. 8 between 2-3PM. We were faced with a moral dilemma: a) go lunch and hang around in the office b) go lunch then home c) go home.  No. 8 was issued at 2:20 PM.
There was a recent one with issuance of no. 8 but unfortunately it was down to no, 3 by 8:30 AM, meaning we have to drag ourselves to work after an overnight severe tropical Mahjong session or Severe Sing-K night. The phone lines in HK suffer severe traffic congestion as many of us would be busy doing one of the following :call friends, relatives, maids (buy groceries, fish, veg - stock up!)' call friends, relatives (mahjong); call friends (watch a movie follow by SING K).
Isnt beat wind ball 打风球 exciting (sans the damages and injuries) ? 
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