Wednesday, July 14, 2004

なんなの 怎么搞的

I was a newbie branch library librarian. One of my senior colleagues one day called me while I was at the reference desk, totally baskin in full glory as a new LYE_BEAR_RIAN (i hate it when they drop the "R")

SC: "harlo, can you check for me if we have the book, call no R658.6589123how and if have, is it on the shelf?"
Me, without any nanoseconds pause, talked into the handset: "No idea" and I hang up the phone.

SC complained to my other colleagues "Alamak! WHO IS THAT staff? SHe never check and immediately said "Dont have!". I wanted to correct her, I did not say "Don't have", I answered "No idea".

[post 10/1997]


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