Tuesday, July 13, 2004


Coffee - Musing 1
The first time I came across the word "anema" it was from a preggie book I was flipping through at Borders. I read anything from holistic pregnancies to aromatherapy for hamsters. A doc will perform an anema for women about to have a C section birth. Anema is a colonic cleansing.

The next time I read about anema, it has something to do with COFFEE. If you are having a coffee break (many of us work between breaks), put your mug down, and have a vomit bag ready.

"In the approximately 30-minute session, a mixture of water and coffee is pumped into the colon - a section of the large intestine extending from the caecum to the rectum - to remove the build-up of 'debris' within the body. " Unquote. ST Jul 13, 2004, Life.

OK, above just described "colonic therapy". Arabian beans or decaff? Now instead of "may your armpits be infested with flea" curse, you can add this to your curse collections "May your colon be addicted to coffee".

Coffee - Musing 2
Just a few weeks ago, I introduced a male friend to the "drink this and heaven can take me" MOCHA BROWNIE CHILLIno at Pacific Coffee (HK). To the south east asian brothers and sisters - this is not a coffee laced with CHILLI. It is a chilled mocha latte spinned and blended with 3 solid blocks of American Brownie and topped with thick fat cream. And later in the evening, this friend confessed his urine was coffee scented. Yes, this metrosexual male said "coffee scented".

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