Monday, July 12, 2004

The Din wth Dim Sum

To get a three dimensional and stereo definition of the word "cacophony", go to Grand Court Restaurant on the 3/F of Melbourne Plaza during the weekend yum char specials. I was explaining to a Singaporean visitor why people in HK NEED to talk above 100 decibels. If you don't, nobody including yourself can hear you. We compete for prime 'ear'state.

OK, 300 yumcharers were running at the mouth. AND all of a sudden, everyone, including the waiters/resses in colorful yellow shirts with purple lapels, were awed to complete SILENCE. We turned our heads towards the direction of a SUPREME voice that shook the dining mess - a well healed tai tai BARKING at her husband. Let me translate her conversation (in cantonese) " star star moon fish shrimp crab! * * o >=> { =( )= why can't you wait star star moon fish shrimp crab me!? Why star star moon fish shrimp carb do you need to walk ahead of me! "

Well, if you have been a fan of "Lao Fu Zi 老夫子" you will be able to figure out the star star moon fish shrimp crab expletives.

The couple walked towards a VIP room and the rest of us including my traumatised Singaporean friend, returned to our ramblings in 100 decibels.

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